Bike Store

Bike store, sales average $300.000 per month.

American Store focused on selling cycling accessories and medium to high-end bicycles, featuring brands such as Pinarello, Specialized, Cannondale, Giant, among others.

Paid Media: Meta Ads + Google Ads
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To turn the digital channel into one of the company's most relevant sources of income, with a sales goal of $300,000 per month.

This represented a significant challenge for us because it required developing a strategy that involved the entire company.


After conducting a digital audit and understanding its value proposition, we proceeded to develop a strategy that would allow for uninterrupted performance.

That’s why we implemented adjustments on the website to improve the browsing experience, loading speed, and added automation tools to enhance the consumer experience.


Average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 10X

/ Average Sales: $300.000

/ Top Sales: $638,000.

After testing many ads in the first month, we managed to stabilize the performance and achieve optimized results, with an approximate participation of 70% from Meta Ads and 30% from Google Ads in e-commerce sales.

It's time to grow your business with us

It's time to grow your business with us

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