Bomba Party – La Diaspora

Latin Festival in Manhattan

Bomba Party is a festival held in Manhattan at La Diaspora Bar & Restaurant. This event is inspired by the essence of Latin parties, characterized by dance, mischief, and exuberant joy.

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Bomba Party
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Our challenge was to craft communication that resonated with both Anglo and Hispanic consumers.

Additionally, it had to represent the sexy and intense party atmosphere that defines a Latin celebration.


After analyzing and understanding the consumers of both brands, recognizing their behavior and touchpoints, we decided to develop a strategy focused on generating awareness, conversion, and engagement.

The strategy emphasized conversion in the first phase and engagement in the second phase. All this was distributed through detailed segmentation based on interests such as Latin music, nightclubs, and Latin parties.


We achieved a 95% increase in entries and a 68% increase in sales during that night.

After optimizing the event’s landing page, we distributed the campaigns through Meta Ads, Google Ads via search and display, as well as YouTube Ads using non-skippable ads to generate awareness and traffic.

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