Travesia Coffee

Premium Colombian Coffee

Travesia is a coffee brand created with the purpose of connecting the best coffee varieties from Latin America, led by Colombia.

Travesia Coffee
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To develop a brand based on the premise of creating premium coffee, of the highest quality, that knows no borders and reaches the deepest corners with the aim of extracting exotic fruits.

A brand that aspires to have Spanish spoken and Colombian coffee consumed in every corner of the world.


We gave a look to a brand that believes in the land, in the immense cultural richness of Latin America, and its roots make it unique.

We represent a legacy that deserves to be told, of the hands that care for the coffee and every process to obtain that drop of the highest quality, with notes of sophistication and exclusivity.


We created a brand inspired by the filtering of coffee represented in the letter V, resulting in the drop of an exclusive product, represented through the golden color and serif typography.

With the logo defined, we represent the journey or “travesía” behind the selection of each coffee variety through the packaging pattern, inspired by topographical maps.

It's time to grow your brand

It's time to grow your brand

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