Super Bowl Creative Effectiveness

February 13, 2024

110M+ viewers / 67 ads measured Through Link AI, Kantar’s creative measurement solution built on the world’s largest creative normative database. Only 12 ads reached “top performer” status Among priority Super Bowl measures: Impact, Power and Enjoyment.

Super Bowl Ads: Building on consumer trends to drive ROI:

SHIFTING VALUES Super Bowl LVIII – The Future of Fandom, Kantar Sports Monitor Escapism: Taking breaks to get away from my everyday worries Extremely/Very Important Personal Value: % Total Global: 47% – 2019 to 52% – 2023 / Total US: 52% – 2019 to 56% – 2023.

Super Bowl LVIII Consumer Insight Positivity, lightness, and comfort are in high-demand as consumers turn selfward. And we have seen the majority of advertisers follow suit with the tone of their ads during the Super Bowl. Multiple Kantar Super Bowl advertising studies over the years validate that Super Bowl advertising is very effective Super Bowl ads not only shape and improve brand perceptions, but they also drive incremental sales and ROI On average, one Super Bowl ad is 20xmore effective than a regular TV ad at driving brand perceptions.

The average ROI of Super Bowl ads has increased over time Super Bowl LVIII – The Future of Fandom Last year, SB ads delivered an average ROI of $5.20 to everyone dollar spent with many brands in the double digits $2,70 – 2020 to $5,20 – 2023.

Average ROI for SB ads with celebrities is typically higher than ads without celebrities. Last year was an exception: ROI for SB ads without celebrities was higher ($5.30 vs. $5.10 to every dollar spent) Be mindful of celebrity saturation: having multiple celebrities in SB ads doesn’t necessarily translate into better ad performance. Brand Linkage is the most important element to achieve. Chosen celebrities need to make sense for the brand and storyline if they are not already a recognizable spokesperson/cue.


Source: Kantar Super Bowl Advertising Effectiveness Report 2020 – 2023 

“The secret is: keep in AB testing your marketing strategy.”

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